RICHACCU 5.12KWh 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

For home and industrial storage

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    RICHACCU Battery: LiFePO4 51.2 Volt

    Capacity: 100Ah
    Nominal Voltage: 51.2 Volt / Cut- off Voltage: 43.2V/ 57.6V
    Charge: Standard Charge: 0.2C (20A) – Quick Charge 0.5C (50A)
    Dimension: 482x480x133 mm (not including IO ports and Switch)
    Operating temperature: Charge: 0.2C (20A) – Discharge: -20C -60C;
    Paralell options: CAN for PCS – RS485 for parallel 5.12 KWH
    Paralell quantity – up to 12 Units
    Circulation current limiting: Yes - 10A

    Inverter Matching List
    Goodwe: V11.5 - Communication Type = CAN
    Pylotesh: CAN BUS Protocol Pylon v1.3 – Communication Type = CAN
    Growatt: Growatt BMS CAN Bus protocol low Voltage- V1.05 English version - Communication Type = CAN
    Growatt Protocol (RS485) – CANBUS BMS Protocol - Communication Type = RS485
    Victron: Canbus BMS - Communication Type = CAN - Protocol Voltronic Inverter BMS 485 communication protocol - Communication Type = RS485
    LXP: Luxpowerteck Battewry Can protocol - Communication Type = CAN
    Sofar: Can rev5 - Communication Type = CAN
    Deye: (Same as Pylontesh) - Communication Type = CAN
    Sermatec: (Same as Pylontesh) - Communication Type = CAN
    Cosuper: Same as Growatt - Communication Type = CAN

    CE-Certified product